Leak Detection Services

Why use leak detection services??

Water leaks that increase your monthly water account and cause serious damage to your home are detected more accurately using leak detection services and equipment. Water leak detection is an essential diagnostic tool that ensures that even the smallest leak is detected and repaired with minimal damage to your home. The most common leak detection services include:

  • Water pressure and flow data monitoring,
  • Tracer gas leak detection services,
  • Acoustic leak detection services, and
  • Infrared thermal imaging.


The earliest documented incidences of water leak detection services dates back to ancient Rome. The Romans had an elaborate water system that would carry water through the city. Leaks in this system became a problem, the Roman Water Commissioner highlighted the problem in a two - page report given to the emperor at the time. These leaks were caused by aging infrastructure and water thieves that were taping into the system. The Romans developed rudimentary water leak detection tools and techniques to trace the origin of the leak.

During earlier years, visual techniques were the most popular and often times it was difficult to detect smaller leaks. Often it was necessary to excavate large sections of a home or office park to find the source of the leak. This resulted in huge plumbing expenses to the homeowner.

More dynamic and sophisticated leak detection systems were developed from the 1950's which included thermal imaging, tracer gas leak detection and acoustic leak detection.

heath aqua scope leak detection services
sewerin hydrogen tracer gas detector

How it works

Once a plumbing professional determines that you have a leak in your home and has tested your water meter and water pressure to substantiate that fact, he/she will use leak detection to find the leak. Firstly, the plumber will pump tracer gas (harmless) into your water supply and then use a gas detection tool to try and find the locality of the leak. Once it has been determined where the leak could possibly be located, he/she will improve the accuracy and confirm the location using acoustic leak detection. Simply listening for the leak. The leak is then pin-pointed and the damaged pipe is repaired with minimal damage to your home.

How it saves you money

Leak detection services are slightly more expensive than general plumbing services. The cost of not detecting leaks in your home early can add up to hundreds and thousands of rands, costs include inflated water accounts and excessive damage to your property.


Leak detection services have evolved over the centuries and will continue to evolve. Today the most sophisticated detection techniques include trace gas leak detection and acoustic leak detection. These methods of leak detection will pin-point the leak in your home and reduce the amount of chopping and excavation required to repair the leak. Detecting leaks early will save you massive amounts of money and hassle.

Hyperion Plumbers offer leak detection and repair services. Give us a call or drop us an email if you would like us to come and inspect your home for leaks.

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