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Toilet Installations

Toilet Installations From Hyperion Plumbers

A professional toilet installation insures worry-free operation for many years to come.

Hyberion Plumbers provides a level of experience, integrity and care that can’t be beaten. Our 100% satisfaction guarantee and upfront quote will mean no guesswork and complete peace of mind.Our professional and courteous plumbers will leave your home as clean as when they arrived.

We can supply a toilet for you, or install a toilet you purchase yourself.

We believe in doing things the right way to help prevent future problems.

How to know that It is Time to Get a New Toilet Installation?

Here are some signs that you should call a plumber for a toilet repair or possibly a new toilet installation:

If you notice any movement of the toilet when you sit, the connection between the toilet and the soil stack may be loosening. A little bit is fine, but once it gets to a certain point leaks are imminent. Don’t confuse a loose toilet seat with a loose toilet.

If the ceiling below the toilet is warped or discolored, it is a sure sign of a leak in progress.
Seepage from around the sides of the bowl.

Wetness, a dark stain or a water mark around the base of the toilet, especially if this becomes darker over time.

How Long Does a Toilet Generally Last?

A good quality toilet today is expected to last between 10 – 30 years. This can vary depending on the quality of your water and what kinds of chemicals you are using for cleaning. The chemicals in urban area’s water can be hard on rubber and plastic parts, and in rural areas the calcium in hard water can create deposits.

Most toilets are made of porcelain, which is extremely durable – it’s the mechanical parts that tend to break down. These parts, like the rubber flapper, can last anywhere from 5 – 10 years.

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