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Water is Life!

Water, the sustainer of life, and in its purest form, transparent and colourless, yet infinitely more precious and alluring than diamonds or gold.

Water, mysterious and temperamental, capable of changing from a state of calmness and tranquillity to a raging torrent, powerful and unstoppable.

Water, soft and gentle, yet wild and abrasive, always shaping and moulding

Water, quenching and refreshing, symbol of hope and vitality.

Water, priceless yet taken for granted and misused.

Water, an elixir to a parched land, cherished and revered

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Quality Guaranteed!

We offer the highest quality work at very affordable rates. Our workmanship is guaranteed!

Some of our Services

We provide 24/7 plumbing services for everything from the most basic plumbing repairs to highly specialised leak detections.
Plumbers in JHB East and East Rand

Plumbing Installations

  • Renovations
  • Commercial installations
  • Residential installations
  • Kitchen Renovations
  • Bathroom renovations
  • Plumbing Installations
  • Water Meter Installations

Plumbers in JHB East and East Rand

Drain Inspection

  • Sound leak detection
  • Tracer gas leak detection
  • Moisture detection
  • Leak repair

Plumbers in JHB East and East Rand

Plumbing Repairs

  • Renovations
  • Commercial installation
  • Residential installations
  • General maintenance
  • Burst geyser replacement
  • Burst pipes

Plumbers in JHB East and East Rand

Leak Detection

  • Sound leak detection
  • Tracer gas leak detection
  • Moisture detection
  • Leak repair
  • CCTV drain inspection
  • Drain cleaning
  • Root cause analysis
  • Drain repairs

Why use Hyperion Plumbers ?

We will not be happy unless you are happy.
Our workmanship is guarenteed.
leak detection plumbers east rand

Consistent Rates

Consistent Rates, you don't pay more for 24/7 service.

leak detection plumbers east rand

No hidden Costs

You will pay no more than you agreed to on the quote.

leak detection plumbers east rand

Guarenteed Workmanship

All our workmanship is guaranteed for 6 months.

leak detection plumbers east rand

After Sales Custommer Care

Telephonic follow-up before the end of the guarantee period to ensure the quality of our workmanship.

About Us

Hyperion Plumbers is a plumbing organization based in Sandringham, East Rand. Our Management team have extensive experience in the plumbing industry.
We go far beyond providing basic plumbing services, and are specialists in leak detection and drain inspection.
There is no getting away from the fact that South Africa is facing a water crises which is something which can no longer be ignored.
We have committed ourselves to the all important task of helping to protect our precious water supply starting at the most basic level-after all, every drop Counts


"Hyperion Plumbers came out to repair one of my toilets and all the other plumbers, I had approached stated that they need to replace the entire system and cistern. Hyperion Plumbers sorted out the flushing mechanism within an hour, no replacing of the entire system. Saved me money and service was brilliant."


Home Owner
"I use Hyperion Plumbers for leak detection, drain inspection and drain cleaning jobs. We did a drain jetting job in JHB North a few months ago and Ryan (Head of Operations) was relentless. He did not want this drain to beat him. Any other plumber would have given up. These chaps pushed through and got the job done brilliantly. Good quality service and dedication."


"Called Hyperion Plumbers out for a leak detection for a government contract. I am always concerned with the use of leak detection services as it is a highly specialized service that not everybody gets right. These guys were on the ball and pin-pointed the leak within 2 hours. I use Hyperion Plumbers regularly for leak detection services."


Business Manager
"I own an engineering company and it is crucial that our plumbing is working 100% at all times. Hyperion Plumbers is dedicated to their trade and always ensure that the job is done quickly and properly."


Engineering Company Owner